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A woman who gets acupuncture treatment.
A woman who gets acupuncture treatment.
A man who gets acupuncture treatment.
A person who gets acupuncture treatment.

Face Rejuvenation

Gideon has made an in-depth study of face reading; he was a student of Lillian Bridges, a renowned expert. In recent years he was asked to treat an existing client (whose sciatica he had cured) to treat the wrinkles on her face. The result were spectacular and this inspired him to investigate a new speciality.

The lines and marks on our face tell a story and as we heal past trauma and come to peace with the retelling of our journey, we can also create a new lease on life.

Collagen production is naturally stimulated, wrinkles fade and disappear, completion is smoothed, elasticity returns and a more youthful appearance ensues.

The finest possible high quality acupuncture needles are used. The jade roller and gentle facial massage combine for a sublime experience.

What to expect :

An initial consultation followed by treatment. In this session, a medical history is taken; careful questioning, observation and palpation results in a diagnosis, prescription and prognoses.

All information is in confidence.

Generally during the first session the treatment plan is laid out and agreed upon. You can expect to have several weekly sessions followed by monthly sessions over a one year period to result in a long-lasting effect. There might also be some lifestyle suggestions as homework.

As an added benefit, an improvement in general well-being and health can be expected.


Benefits of Facial Treatments

  • Improve firmness of the neck and face

  • Eliminate puffiness around the eyes

  • Reduce fine lines and diminish deeper wrinkles

  • Increase collagen production and cell renewal

  • Improve complexion and circulation

  • Reduce stress signs in the face

  • Bring out person's natural beauty

  • Slow the aging process

  • Increase energy level and concentration

Pain Management Treatments

Pain can be debilitating; it can be all-consuming and distract from your enjoyment of life. On the plus side, when the pain is gone it is hard to remember what it felt like. Yes, you will remember that you had pain, but if you try to conjure up what it felt like you will discover that doing so is almost impossible.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is an adage that says 'Where there is pain, there is obstruction'. We also call these obstructions 'blockages'. Gideon has a knack for discovering where the blockages are located and skill in resolving them. In most cases, significant results are experienced within the first 3 treatments.

Below are a list of some of the common painful conditions Gideon has had great success with:

  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bell's palsy
  • Migraines
  • Menstrual pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Labour pain