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7 November 2022

A man is sitting in the nature.

Good for good and bad for bad

Sais the common man

That's morality

That's the law

Said same man does not abide

Every deal must be a good deal

Where he gives less for the goods

And he wants more for giving of his good labour

When he is wronged to the extreme is his vengeance, his retribution,
forgotten then the equal measure

As for bad for good

The judicial system, punishment binds and breaks

No sign of the good lifting here

Taxes and corruption saps the good giver

While bad grow and fascism takes root

Good for bad is madness the common one cries

Who wants to reward the bad , surly not

Yet this is the way of the Christ

He gives good for bad

The Father is the judge

His is the vengeance

And Love is the way

So my friend abandon good or good

Surrender bad for bad

Leave this tree

Exemplify Christ

And without judgement

Be and Do good

As you climb the tree of Life